mt CASA. The Home Decoration Line

by mt masking tape


mt CASA was specially developed for large areas. mt CASA can be used to decorate kitchen covers, walls, floors, tables, but also smaller objects. 




mt CASA  -  Tape




mt CASA Tape is the basic collection with hundreds of possibilities to combine patterns and colors.


Each roll comes with a length of 10 m and you can choose between the width of 5 or 10 cm.


The qualitiy is exact the same you know from the `mt masking tape`.

















mt CASA  -  Seal




mt CASA seal - big dots with 5 cm diameters and


mt CASA seal S with 3,5 cm diameters; same quality as `mt masking tapeŽ.

























mt REMAKE SHEETs are thin, very durable adhesive sheets (27 x 90 cm), which you can also simply wipe off once they have been finished with a foil.


Use them for many of your DIY projects: decorate notebooks, restore dignity to an old tablet, or protect a wall from splashing water while creating new eye-catchers.












mt CASA  -  Sheet




mt CASA Sheet are thicker and coated (fleece).So you can use the sheets even on floors.


Create a dancefloor for your next party or some colored areas in your home. The sheets come in shapes of triangles, squares (23x23 cm / 46 x46 cm) and hexagons.


The characteristic of the glue is the same as you know it from mt masking tape.


























 mt CASA  -  Shade




Tape your windows, glazed doors, car windows and cabinets with mt CASA Shade, specially made for glass.


mt CASA Shade will shade your room and soften the sunlight in an adorable way. You need no curtain to achive some privacy.


mt CASA Shade has also high functionalities such as anti-weatherability while cutting 99 % of ultraviolet rays.











mt CASA  -  Fleece




mt CASA Fleece has exact the same qualitiy as

"mt CASA Sheet". Thicker than `mt masking tape` and coated (fleece) to be realy tough.


In opposite to "mt CASA Sheet", mt CASA Fleece comes in rolls, as you know it from all other mt masking tapes.


mt CASA Fleece is 23 cm wide and has a length of 5 meters.




















mt CASA  -  Lining


mt CASA Lining is a fast and good solution, if you want to cover dark surfaces with a brilliant result of colors and patterns.


mt CASA Lining comes in two width - 5 and 10 cm and each roll has amazing 20 meters length. Of course in top quality you are used to.



































Find the entire current mt CASA collection in the catalogue.