TAPE THAT x mt Factory Tour Vol.7


These two tape artworks are the result of the Berlin Tape Art Collectives TAPE THAT. The three tape art artists Stephan Meißner, Stefan Busch and Adrian Dittert travelled to Japan at the invitation of Kamoi for the Factory Tour Vol. 7 and stuck 5 intensive days to this great tape arts - a mural and a 3D installation.


How it was done:



The locations to be taped on: a huge outer wall and a small warehouse, similar to a large double garage.



TAPE THAT has never made a tape art of this size using mt masking tape before and - quite enthusiastically - checks the material and the possibilities. The slightly transparent mt allows many shades and pattern mixes.



What now follows is 4 days of intensive work until the opening of the mt Factory Tour Vol. 7.  TAPE THAT works from 8 o'clock in the morning until late in the evening.



Head of mt masking tape, Yukio Taniguchi, visits TAPE THAT personally at regular intervals.




The hall is covered with mt masking tape from the ceiling over the walls to the floor. The 3-D effect only occurs when the artwork is viewed from a certain point.



While Stephan Meißner concentrates on the hall, Stefan Busch and Adrian Dittert work outside on the scaffolding of the outer wall.



Stefan Busch has created a geisha who sticks her kimono out of colorful mt masking tape.





While mt masking tape boss Yukio Taniguchi and the visitors move around in the 3D installation, the rest of the tape art works on the mural are completed live in front of the audience.






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