Additional catalogue Autumn 2020 is here!

In our additional mt masking tape catalogue we present the brand new mt masking tapes for autumn 2020. There are new products in a total of six categories:

1. mt x Nordic countries
2. mt x artist series
3. 1 P deco series
4. mt ex
5. mt fab
6. mt tape cutter

Special mention should be made of the cooperation with another illustrator in the category “mt x Nordic countries”:

Matti Pikkujämsä. The Finnish artist has already received several awards and is particularly well-known in Japan with his works.


Click here to see the full new catalogue:




Please note: The main catalogues “mt masking tape” and “mt CASA” remain valid. The mt masking tapes “mt Christmas” and “mt Halloween” are still  shown in the current mt masking tape main catalog.

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