Happy 10th Anniversary mt masking tape!

10 years ago, Kamoi, the traditional and familiy managed company from Japan, had a vision. Small colorful tapes made from ricepaper (washi) should bring joy and inspiration to all the people. Therefore they created the mt masking tapes as a "Zakka"-product (little gifts). That mt masking tape became a lot more than only a Zakka-product, is shown by its history.


Designers, tape artists, interior designers, architects and crafters as well as everyday fans do stand in a dynamic interaction and continuing revolution with mt masking tape. And this is one reason, why mt masking tape is developing the products onward and onward. And there seems no end in sight.


Of course we are going to celebrate these 10 years. Please keep on following us here or on social medias for current information.



Happy Birthday mt masking tape

T h a n k s  for 10 years to our Fans!


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