Shops, shops, shops - mt masking tape paradise

In Kurashiki, hometown of mt masking tape, there are many shops selling mt masking tape with pride and surrender. Some shops let the customers craft and they do lovely decorations. We went on a shopping tour for you to give you some impressions. - More information...


Okayama Castle - mt Tape Art on historical front

Amazing: Kamoi realy succeedet to tape the historical front of Okayama Castle during the „Okayama Hareiro Campaign“ and mt Factory Tour Vol.6 (April 2017). Would this ever be possible in Europe? We are going to do everything , to perform such awesome projects also here in Europe as soon as possible. Just to let you feel the same magical moments we felt, when we were in Japan, seeing all those great works with mt masking tapes. - More information...


mt tram in Okayama

During mt Factory Tour Vol. 6 (April 2017) we went through Okayama, Japan, with this amazing looking mt tram, which is part of the "Okayama `Hareiro`Campaign" - More information...


mt Factory Tour Vol.6
Back to Japan

Photo report about "mt Factory Tour Vol. 6"
(24. März bis 4. April 2017), Kurashiki, prefecture Okayama, Japan.
Around 11.000 visitors followed Kamois invitation and came to see all about the production of mt masking tapes... - More information...

mt masking tape is the original "Washitape". It is produced in Japan and every season (Autumn/Winter & Spring/Summer) there are new tapes with new patterns and color combinations.
mt masking tape
is best for decoration, styling, crafting, DIY- and art projects. There are already severel hundred models of mt masking tapes. This webpage is to serve you with information about mt masking tape. We do only deliver it to shops.
Have fun discovering all around mt masking tape and please write to us if you have questions. You are also very welcome to follow us on "social medias"! 


... easy to remove

... easy to write on

... transparent

... easy to rip 


mt masking tape does not only stand for the original washi-tape with several hundreds amazing colours and patterns. Meanwhile mt offers masking tapes in several different widths - from 3 mm, in-between sizes and up to 20 cm big rolls. 


Complex printing processes, cooperations with artists, mt Seal (Sticker), mt Shade (for windows), mt tape cutter and - very soon mt Sheet for floors... discover all this and much more in our new catalogues !


new new new new  mt CASA Sheet  new new new new :





mt CASA Shade
`mt CASA Shade` is for windows and doors with glass. mt CASA Shade softens sunlight and has a blind effect like a light curtain. In addition, it has high functionalities such as anti-weatherability while cutting 99% of ultra-violet rays.
Click here to find mt CASA Shade in our catalogs for "mt CASA"!

What can be done with mt masking tape? Watch, marvel at it and create yourself. 

Many more videos can asap be found on our youtube channel and here...


You want to color your walls and furniture. Quick and easy, plain or patterned. With mt CASA, the big brother of mt masking tape, you are able to create a new colored home in minutes! Without making a mess, better than paint! Tape your world as you want it. On and off. Everytime in a different look. mt CASA is available in three width: 5cm, 10 cm and 20 cm, for best handling! Discover all patterns and colors here in our catalogs.

Get inspired! In our galery you will find lots of ideas how to pack, decorate gifts or your home. Just have a look! more


Here you`ll find tutorials and DIY-projects with mt masking tapes. mt-tutorial